Saturday, April 13, 2013

Only a few months have passed and so much has changed in my life.  Over the Holidays we moved, I know very stressful and then add moving.  But we had to and we are in a better place now.  Then I started working full time and I managed to make it through all of this stress and I'm now down to 393.  Not much but I'm just proud of myself for not letting the stress get to me.  I do love to eat my feelings.  I am no longer the Leader of my Tops chapter and that has taking a big load off of my shoulders.  I am still a cub scout leader but I just love the time I get to spend with those energetic boys so no stress there.  My job, I do love but the hours can be hard for my family.  We do what we must to keep on keepin on though.  Happy water drinking and making of good choices people!  Until next post.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Gone too long.....

I am happy to report that I'm now at 398.  So happy to be under the dreaded 400 mark.  I'm soooo happy about that.  It's been hard but it's still a day to day struggle. Every thing I put into my body requires me to think about it and make a choice.  I wish I could say it was easy, but the truth is, I will have to keep thinking about my food until my good choices become great, natural habits.  I'll try not to stay away so long, I'm working full time now so my time is limited but I'll try harder to keep you all informed of my progress. 

Friday, July 20, 2012


I don't want to be patient.  I'm at 401 and have been for two weeks now.  When will my body catch up to my brain and get under that dang number already?  I'm sure there are many technical reasons why my body is taking it's sweet time, but to be quite honest, I don't give a crap!  I have been watching my portions, drinking my water, working out even though I have a partial tear to my left ankle tendon and I want to see some results.  I can totally see why people give up.  I won't give up, I would like to some days but getting through the bad days is where the prize lies.  I must carry on and hope that next Thursday, the scale is kind to me. 


Monday, July 9, 2012

Post 4th of July!

I had a really good 4th. I managed to stay active.  I even tossed the football around at the river, I had forgotten that I could spiral it pretty good.  I played a little volleyball, without moving too much because I am nursing a partial tendon tear on my ankle.  Then there were the horseshoes, very fun, even if I didn't score at all.  It felt really good to be with friends that didn't judge me for my size and didn't make me feel out of place.  After my 402 weigh in I had a 3 pound gain.  I'm sure it was from just eating a bit too much over the Holiday so I'm not beating myself up about it.  I hope to have a loss this week and have been watching my portions.  Summer is always hard on me because I am already insulated and any heat is miserable for me.  Hard to run errands, sleep, just function in general.  Once my weight is down some more, that won't be such an issue.  Have a great week people....................................

Monday, July 2, 2012

Almost there!

By some small miracle, I have finally made it to 402!  I am totally holding my breath right now too.  I have been on such a roller coaster ride lately.  I have been really concentrating on my portion sizes and that seems to be what I'm needing right now.  I am pretty sure that my stomach has shrunk too. I was enjoying a piece of pizza with a friend and she handed me another one.  I couldn't eat it, I didn't even try. I was satisfied with the one piece.  In the past I would have had 6.  I'm amazed that I can see the changes in my face. Little things like that give me strength to keep on keepin on..........

Monday, June 4, 2012

Keep on keepin on....

So I am down to 408, again.  I am now to the point of being pissed off at the 400's.  I'm so sick of seeing that number, of hearing that number, of being that number.  I want these last 8 pounds gone, forever, I don't want to lose them, I want to annihilate them!  Maybe I should get mad more often.  I like the changes I am now feeling and seeing.  My clothes are looser, my face looks thinner and a few have even commented on how much smaller I look.  41 pounds gone and I should be happy about that.  However, I feel like I haven't done anything unless I can get under that dang 400 mark.  I know, I'm a dork for not celebrating the success but I'm just being totally honest about how I am feeling.  I'm working out from 5-6am and again from 8-9pm 5 days this week.  I will either get this weight off or die trying.  Wish me luck people, don't worry, I'm very aware that luck has nothing to do with weight loss.  I will continue to listen to the advice of those that are successful and do all I can to battle my demons and win win win!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Whoo hoooo!

I had a wonderful time in Ocean Shores!  I walked on the beach for an hour.  I have only ever done 25 minutes on the treadmill so this was wonderful.  I weighed in this week and was down 3 pounds!  At the Tops conference a lot of the ladies that lost over 100 pounds said that they didn't give up the things they loved altogether.  They simply had small portions.  Depriving yourself of the simple pleasures in life is no fun, so have a small piece of whatever satisfies you.  Feeling guilty about eating something does no one any good.  Enjoy your day, enjoy your life and keep it under control.  I would rather have a one inch square brownie or one Hershey's Kiss 3 times a week than say goodbye to them forever.  Just remember to really enjoy the treat you eat. Smell it, taste it, savor it and make it last.  We are that we might have joy.  No one is the same, different techniques work for different individuals.  Take what I can share with you and use what works for you.  We are not cookie cut outs, we are unique and we each struggle in different areas so you must experiment a bit and find what works for you.  A common mistake when couples change their eating habits together is that they don't realize that doing the exact same thing will not have the exact same results because our bodies are so different.  We are one of a kind, it takes time to find what will work best for you.  Support those you love, but more importantly, support yourself...........Hugs