Tuesday, February 21, 2012


When I have a big loss, like the past two weeks, I feel great!  Too great actually.  This can get me into trouble so beware.  I can't get too prideful with success or I lose sight of what I'm doing, screw up and gain.  So this week I am working on focus and humility.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pounds gone!

I was worried after my soda episode but I am happy to report that last week I lost 6.5 pounds and this last Thursday at weigh in I lost another 5.5 pounds.  Sound great but really it's only a loss of 2 pounds because I gained 10 after my soda relapse.  But still, a loss is a loss and I'm going in the right direction.  I'm now at 407 and I am so close to being at three something I can taste it.  How exciting that will be, I'm sure I'll be bawling on the scale when they have to take the extra weight off the scale to weigh me.  It's a little attachment they have to put on there, just for me because I exceed the 399 mark.  Not for long!  I haven't worked out this week because of not feeling well but I'm on the mend and ready to get back to the gym for some great torture sessions with my treadmill and weights.......I'll try to do better with my blogging now that I feel better.  Have a great weekend people's..............................

Thursday, February 2, 2012


So January 20th was my Birthday and I had a total relapse with the soda.  I'm not talking about a glass here or two there I mean a huge relapse.  I hadn't had that much sugar in my mouth in a very long time and boy did I like it, I'm not gonna lie. I drank 6 litters in a 3 day period, ya you heard me right, 6 freakin liters.  Finally my wonderful husband intervened and bought me some Talking Rain.  It's a flavored bubbly water and it's how I got off soda in the first place.  The problem is, the damage was done.  When I had weigh in with my Nutritionist I had gained 10 pounds in a week.  I know right!  I think she added up the calories and it was like 6000 or something.  I felt like crap, I felt disappointed in myself and I felt like I let the people trying to help me, down.  That lasted for about a two week period and I'm now on the mend.  Ready to pick myself back up, and continue on my journey.  I am no longer a hater of the treadmill.  When I first started with it I was going .5 for about 7 minutes.  Yesterday, I was at a 2.1 for 25 minutes.  I was sweating like a pig and almost fainted but I did it.  I don't weigh in again until next week so I'll be doing my best to behave myself until then.  Stupid sugar soda, what was I thinking?  Oh ya I was thinking that food and drink had no calories on my Birthday and then went two days more.  It's alright, we all have our off days, we just need to get back up and keep going.  No shame in falling down, only in not getting up.  Hugs to my readers!