Friday, May 18, 2012

Whoo hoooo!

I had a wonderful time in Ocean Shores!  I walked on the beach for an hour.  I have only ever done 25 minutes on the treadmill so this was wonderful.  I weighed in this week and was down 3 pounds!  At the Tops conference a lot of the ladies that lost over 100 pounds said that they didn't give up the things they loved altogether.  They simply had small portions.  Depriving yourself of the simple pleasures in life is no fun, so have a small piece of whatever satisfies you.  Feeling guilty about eating something does no one any good.  Enjoy your day, enjoy your life and keep it under control.  I would rather have a one inch square brownie or one Hershey's Kiss 3 times a week than say goodbye to them forever.  Just remember to really enjoy the treat you eat. Smell it, taste it, savor it and make it last.  We are that we might have joy.  No one is the same, different techniques work for different individuals.  Take what I can share with you and use what works for you.  We are not cookie cut outs, we are unique and we each struggle in different areas so you must experiment a bit and find what works for you.  A common mistake when couples change their eating habits together is that they don't realize that doing the exact same thing will not have the exact same results because our bodies are so different.  We are one of a kind, it takes time to find what will work best for you.  Support those you love, but more importantly, support yourself...........Hugs

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