Monday, January 9, 2012

8 more pounds!

So happy I stayed away from the fast food chain as I am now 8 pounds lighter.  Nothing tastes as good as thin feels..................I have been paying attention to the way my teenagers eat and it's interesting to me how their emotions have so much to do with how they eat.  I of course know this to be true first hand.  If I'm in love, I don't even think about food, if I'm depressed, it's all I gravitate towards.  Stress is interesting as well.  Stress eating affects people differently.  Some people are salt eaters, sugar eaters, or carb eater's.  If you are in tune with your emotions you can control what you put in your mouth while stress eating.  Someone told me this week that fruit was a no no if you were trying to lose weight.  I'm sorry, I may not have a degree but choosing fruit over some of the other crap out there is not a no no.  She wanted me to instead eat a health bar that had so many chemicals in the ingredients list it made my head spin.  No thanks.  Guess what's in a banana?  Yup you guessed it, a banana.  Come on people, common sense is a great thing to have in today's world.  More on this later.

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