Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Days

So the kids have been out of school for 5 days now, Martin Luther King's Birthday and then 3 snow days in a row.  I'm a bit stressed out about now.  My last weigh in resulted in a gain, no shock there.  I knew I had eaten way too many carbs.  I'm not in the gym this week because of the snow, or is that just something I'm telling myself?  Mhhhmmmmm......Anyway, I'm doing better this week and have learned from my mistakes.  This is a great time of year to experiment with all of the beans and barley out there.  If you have a crock pot, use it.  I made an egg salad sandwich the other day and used half Mayo (ooohh bad word) and half vanilla yogurt.  It was really good.  If you can find little short cuts like that it will really make a difference in the long run.  Until next weigh in or the next random thought I get and just have to share...................

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