Thursday, December 22, 2011


So I as I'm driving around in the car today I realize that my steering wheel isn't rubbing against my belly any more.  You may think this is nothing but for me it is a gigantic victory!  I am getting a bit excited at the possibilities.  I mean really, could it be that in a short time I will be buying a smaller clothing size or sitting in a movie theater without issues?  I think yes!  I have to stay focused on my daily goals.  By the way, don't ever make a weight loss goal too big.  I mean yes I want to lose over 200 pounds but if that's my goal on a day to day basis, forget it, I will get overwhelmed and give up.  I work on 10 pound goals at a time.  This works for me and you will have to find what works for you.  It's like when you start to change your eating habits, if you go too big too fast you will give up.  Pace yourself and work one day at a time.  So I have weigh in tonight and I'm a little nervous because I feel like I have a loss but I don't want to phyc myself up and end up crying over a 1/2 pound gain if I have one.  Two weeks ago I lost 9 pounds after my experimental vegan diet and last week I didn't gain or lose, I just maintained so this week I'm hoping for a good loss but not gonna hold my breath. 

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