Friday, December 23, 2011

Part of a letter

I have a friend that I really care about and this is part of a letter I sent.  I just thought it had some relevance here on my blog.

     Start today, look yourself in the mirror and say 3 good things about yourself each day.  No more Brad Pitt crap, no more if I could only lose my weight garbage.  I'm over 400 pounds, if I waited till I lost my weight to start living my life I would have no life.  I'm big, get over it!  I am doing all I can to learn about how to eat better and I am making progress.  But I get up every morning and cook and clean for my family, I sew with my Mom, I write my Blog, I visit my freinds and I attend church.  I am living my life, and I feel really sorry for the fatties on t.v. that are stuck in a chair in their living rooms and talk about how they can't do this or that, and their family has to feed them and bathe them.  WHATEVER!  So not how I want to end up so I get my fat _ _ _ out of bed every day, as painful as it may be and I live my life to the fullest.  Now you can do this, and if you don't believe in yourself then by golly you just lean on my faith in you until you do.  I know, I really said by golly, stop laughing.  Anyway, that's your lecture for the day.

Whether or not my friend will change is up to him.  Regardless, this is how I feel, take it or leave it.

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