Saturday, December 17, 2011


So there is actually this thing called the Hunger Scale!  Very helpful once you learn it.  This scale goes from 0 - 10 You basically rate your hunger level before you eat and again when you are finished eating.  You mark it down like a graph and figure out your eating pattern.  Then you can move away from using your head to decide your eating patterns and towards listening to your body.  So here is what the numbers mean.
0  -  Starving and beyond
1  -  You are so hungry you want to order everything on the menu
2  -  Everything on a menu begins to look good.  You may be very preoccupied with your hunger
3  -  You are hungry and the urge to eat is strong
4  -  A little hungry, you can wait to eat, but you know you will be getting hungrier soon
5  -  Neutral.  Not hungry.  Not full.
6  -  No longer hungry, you sense food in your belly, but you could definitely eat more
7  -  Hunger is definitely gone.  Stop here and you may not feel hungry again for 3 to 4 hours
8  -  Not uncomfortable but definitely have eaten a belly full
9  -  Moving into uncomfortable
10-  Thanksgiving full.  Very uncomfortable, maybe even painful and unbuttoning your pants
You want to stay between 3 and 7.  You can check out the book "Hungerwork"- it goes along with the hunger scale and journals.

If you never have tried the Hershey's Kiss experiment, I recommend it.  You put a Hershey's Kiss in your mouth and just let it melt without chewing.  Sit silently and savor the chocolate.  Time yourself to see how long it takes to disolve.  Now, think about how many we put in our mouth and how quick we eat stuff like that.  It's crazy when we could be taking the time to really enjoy things.  For me, it took 4 minutes to eat that one Hershy Kiss.  Slow down people, really.  Until next time...............

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  1. I've never tried the Hershey Kiss experiment, but I'm going to now that I know about it. It's so true: how crazy are we not to savor the things we're putting into our mouths? I know I can down huge portions of yummy food and barely taste it. I've gotta remind myself to stop and smell the roses as it were!