Friday, December 9, 2011

Without meat for a week.

So after talking with my nutritionist we decided to put me on a 7 day Vegan eatting plan.  Now Vegitarian is simple, no meat.  But Vegan is no animal products at all.  So no milk, eggs, cheese, butter or even fish oil or anything like that.  I was up for a challenge so I did follow an all Vegan eatting plan for 7 days.  It wasn't too bad, I thought I would be starving and totally hate it but I really liked some of the things I tried and will keep eatting them even after.  So I loved the rice milk I had with my grape nuts in the mornings and the almond butter I had on my whole grain breads was wonderful.  I made a lentil soup with vegtable broth and all kinds of good veggies in it.  After 7 days I went in and had lost 9 pounds in a week!  Holy Cow and a half!  But let's be real, there is no way I could live like a Vegan for very long.  So I have decided to do the Vegan thing 3 days a week.  That in no way means that the other 4 days I will be goofing off either. After I got my soda and my water where it needed to be I tackled the fast food issues.  Ya, I'll have to start a new Post to talk about that.  So for now I am at 416 and holding.

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  1. Kristine, I know what you mean, vegan is a challenge. Once I tried raw (it was great, but very difficult to maintain in the long run). The chocolate craving went away after about a week, then the sugar craving...but CHEESE, the cheese craving seemed to linger forever!

    You doing great, such an inspiration!!! Keep posting!