Thursday, December 8, 2011

I wanted to change overnight. You know some magic pill or drink to change to my perfect form in like a week or two.  If you get desperate enough, you fall hook line and sinker for any lie out there that makes promises that you really want to believe.  I spent more time and money on all that crap and in return I felt so helpless and lost.  I was lost, really, considering how little knowledge I had about what I was doing to myself.  The ugly truth is, change takes time.  I wanted a quick fix and once fixed I could go back to my life the way it was but happier.  Sorry, that's so not the way it works.  If you are not willing to make a lifestyle change, you're screwed.  By the way, these changes I had to make very slowly.  Change is not easy and even less easy when you try too much too soon.  This was hard for me to learn.  I wanted all the information right now and when you do that, you set yourself up for failure.    So if there is one thing I can share that has really helped me, it's to change one or two things a week and then keep on from there.  If we shock our systems by eliminating every bad thing we have been doing to it overnight, we will be miserable and fail.  So I started my journey by joining a gym but realized that I needed more than that.  Exercise is great but I was damaged emotionally as well as physically and had no idea what to eat that was going to help me.  I started seeing a counselor to deal some childhood things that I never dealt with.  That was my first step.

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  1. Good for you! I see a counselor also. I hope I can now follow your example and start making some other changes. I know what you mean about wanting it to happen overnight. I think that is part of our culture now...we have instant messaging and replace snail mail, sitcoms...a whole story wrapped up in 30 minutes...and lets not even talk about fast food!!!