Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diets don't work!

Diets don't work because we tell ourselves that once we finish this diet things can go back to the way they were.  Wrong!  They also don't work because we tell ourselves that we can't have this or that ever again.  Let me just say that unless you are willing to make an actual life style change and keep it up you won't succeed.  But one has to be realistic about it too.  You really shouldn't tell yourself, "I will never eat chocolate cake or ice cream or soda again for the rest of my life".  Duh how stupid is that.  It's more about controlling your portions and putting into your body healthy things most of the time.  Don't ever think that you will never have your favorite comfort food again or you will never succeed.  We all like treats and desserts and we should be able to enjoy them without feeling guilty about it.  We are not cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world and isolating ourselves in some prison call the diet chamber!  Come on, get real, we are human and as such we are allowed choices and we are allowed to have some comfort food once in awhile.  Wow, I got myself all worked up there.  Anyway it was on my mind and I had to share.


  1. diets are hard, I'm on one right now and have broken it several times. Im glad Ben keeps me on track with it sometimes haha.

  2. I completely agree. Whenever I see someone really restricting themselves, I always worry about the long-term ability they'll have to keep things going. I know for me starting to realize that all food is okay to eat, but it's just how much I eat that's an issue, has been really helpful. Your posts are great, and your writing is very clean and clear! Keep it up!