Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Treats for the Holidays!

Let's be honest, I am going to eat some Holiday treats.  I'm not even gonna lie to myself about that.  I will be concentrating on my portions and on how I eat.  I will try those once a year goodies that people bring to parties or as gifts, I really will.  The thing is I have learned how to eat them.  Leaning back in my chair as I tip the cookie pan and all dozen fall in my mouth as I wash it down with egg nog will not be the route this season.  I will smell it and gently place whatever it is in my mouth and let it melt slowly as I remember the texture and odor and goodness.  It will take a bit longer but I will enjoy it and savor it and not feel guilty about it.  The guilt comes from inhaling our goodies and not remembering we ate them.  Kind of like if we do it fast it's like it never happened.  No, no, no..........Do not punish yourselves or put yourself in a corner this season.  Openly take a cookie or a chocolate or whatever and take your time to enjoy it.  Don't be taking more that you know you should but do enjoy what you eat.  Food is not the enemy, what we do with it is.  A gun doesn't work without a bullet and a trigger finger.  Your body doesn't work without food and a helping hand.  You are in control of your actions, at least you are trying to learn how to be in control.  I will be strong this season and not feel guilty at all about what I choose to savor, as long as I truly savor it.  Happy Holiday's People.

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